My Mission

I am a web instructor providing individual and group instruction in computer applications, front end web design, development and html5/css3. I enjoy assisting individuals and small groups to create, develop and upload to the Internet. I offer a holistic approach to web development, offering just-in-time training for quick development. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1997, I decided to get a masters degree in multimedia. The result is this web site and my current profession. I've collected useful information about software (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash), coding (HTML5, XHTML, CSS, Standards and Logic) and design & the psychology of the web user. As I update my tutorials, I will include on my advice site, AskSharon.Info.

Tutorials and Resources

Photo of Neil and Sharon

Students of mine will remember Casa Basa as a collection of recommended web resources and tutorials developed over more than a decade teaching web design and development.

In its place, I've implemented a WordPress blog:


My favorite teacher. Out of all the classes I took during my time there, sharons were the ones I actually learned something from. Her constant attention and care for each student is something you don't find with others. Her positivity and humor are something I often miss, especially now after entering the work world. To me, The most important thing about her is that during my time at the Art Institute, Sharon was one of the only things that kept me going. Tom G.
There are very few teachers who are as clear and able to teach a complex subject as web design to an amateur and Sharon Kaitner is one of them. She is able to communicate such complexity in a condensed digestible method that anyone new comes out with a working knowledge. Galen W.
I came into Sharon's class knowing absolutely nothing about web design and convinced I would hate it. In just 10 weeks she has completely turned that around. I now feel confident in designing basic websites and also confident in problem solving when things go wrong. She is one of the most positive people I know, which has inspired me to be more positive in my own life. Loretta R.
Sharon is the best. Knowledge just pours from her mind and her soul. What makes this even better, is that she is sweet about it and goes four times further in explaining things to the point where you feel that you were glad to met her and to have talked to her and asked a question. You get the right answer and when you come back, she's till there ready with a whole new set of ideas and complimentary smile. She's the flat out best! Billy B.