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I am a web instructor providing individual and group instruction in computer applications, front end web design, development and html5/css3. I enjoy assisting individuals and small groups to create, develop and upload to the Internet. I offer a holistic approach to web development, offering just-in-time training for quick development. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1997, I decided to get a masters degree in multimedia. The result is this web site and my current profession. I've collected useful information about software (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash), coding (HTML5, XHTML, CSS, Standards) and design (user-centered, creating personas, and the psychology of the web user), as well as created my own. As I update my tutorials and recommendations, I will put them onto my advice site, AskSharon.Info, instead of housing here. Feel free to explore and if you find something useful, a reference link would be appreciated.

Class Resources

Students of mine will remember this site as a collection of recommended web resources and tutorials developed over more than a decade teaching web design and development. Unfortunately, all those various links became increasingly cumbersome in spite of the search bars I've tried through the years. Additionally, software and web development best practices have changed and many of my tutorials needed rewriting, while resource links would often break as sites changed through the years.

In its place, I've implemented a WordPress blog: animated logo for Sharon Kaitner

UC Berkeley Extension

For details on homework assignments, please visit This area is password protected. If you forget the password from the first day of class, please email me at

Art Institute of California - San Francisco

Complete class information is available through your eCompanion, accessed via MyAICampus. Of course, you should visit for useful tutorials and resources, but there's a lot of information available already.

About Me

I have been operating this web site since 1998, and have been active in the fields of technology and education since 1995.

Casa Basa includes my husband Neil Basa, and our creative business, Casa Basa, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

Neil Basa is the stage name for my husband. He plays the clarinet in Polkacide and is an amazing artist. Generally, music is his forté, but to pay the bills, he works in the communications field as a testing technician.

Casa Basa creates web sites, offers individual and group lessons in the use of computers and software, and offers online advice for those new to the Internet and interested in exploring its possibilities. Fees based on context. One pro bono web site adopted yearly for a one-year period. Questions? Just email me.