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What You Can Find

I am a web instructor offering supplemental resources, tutorials and help to students since 1996. Though this site has been up since 1999, it's a work in progress as I update my tutorials.


Support material for my students.

Video Tutorials

Mainly snippets of Dreamweaver how-to's.

  • Establishing your root folder
  • Creating a new html page
  • Linking an existing css file
  • Dreamweaver and Bootstrap
    • Pre-built layout
    • How-to use CDN's on your Bootstrap page
    • Inserting Bootstrap components
  • Inserting images
  • Linking files
  • Optimizing graphics using Photoshop
  • Uploading to a server
  • Dreamweaver and jQuery


Recommendations for web and graphic design and development.

  • Tiny PNG - optimize your .png or .jg for faster download and user optimization
  • W3 Schools - online tutorials: html, css, javascript, php and lots more!

About Casa Basa

In my other life, I have a strong connection to the band, Polkacide, a San Francisco-based hardcore punk polka band.

I support free education, value random acts of kindness, and hope some day...