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About Casa Basa

Casa Basa was founded in 1984 by Neil Kaitner and Sharon Kopecki and comes from Neil's stage name, Neil Basa. The resulting collaboration of Casa Basa was a mix of Sharon's art and Neil's music.



Mostly, this site is a collection of interactive media resources and musings. Neil is retired but plays the Octoberfest circuit with Polkacide. Sharon continues teaching web design and interactive media.


Tid-bits, this and thats, leftovers...

Welcome 2017

side of a cotton candy booth

2016 was rough, but here we are

With the coming of 2017 and the changes in the wind, I have rearranged and repurposed this site. It had always been a place for me to post resources and information for my students but since the content of the Internet has become so expansive, a site like that seems no longer necessary. So, for now, it will be just a site for this and that, just thoughts and stuff.

By the way, many thanks to my friends, family and fellow travellers.

Lino Ramirez's carriage house

Giving life meaning

My great-grandfather, Lino Ramirez, came from a distinguished Spanish family who were sent to the Rio Grande valley by the King of Spain in the 1700's. In the mid-1800's, my great-great-grandfather's family was forced off of the property illegally. Though their right to the land was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, because of the King ranch - an extremely powerful Texas family - long tenancy, the land could not be reclaimed. The James Michener book, Texas, had scenes written about my family. My grandmother's father, Lino, did retain a small part of my family's estate. This building was used in the John Wayne movie and had the beer stenciled where it had once read Cantina.